2019 BMW 330i XDrive M Sport Test Drive Video Review

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This is the redesigned 2019 BMW 3-series. You can only get it as a 330i for the 2019 model year, and it’s available with rear-wheel drive or XDrive (AWD). Sport Line is standard, but you can upgrade to Luxury Line or M Sport trim. Unfortunately, you can no longer get the sport wagon body style or the Gran Turismo, leaving the 4-door sedan as the only option.
This test car is the 330i XDrive with the M Sport package. It has 4 different upgrade packages and tops out at about $59k.

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6 bình luận về “2019 BMW 330i XDrive M Sport Test Drive Video Review”

  1. $59k for a 4 cylinder, no cooled seats, no heated rear seats, no android auto, hud that you can’t see and you still need to pay yearly for apple car play? And you see them all over the place. Sorry BMW, but no go for me. Nickel and diming customers for something that isn’t even that special. There are many other automakers out there who are working harder for my dollars.

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