A Scandal in Bohemia Chapter 1 – Sherlock Holmes Audiobook

I called up my friend and told him to clear his schedule for 1 day, 24 hours, and we were going to make and release something in that time. We had no plans as to what, we just wanted to make something and be done with it in 24 hours.
This is the first result of that process. We’re calling it Create. Story. because that’s really the only requirement. We want to make something narrative and get it out into the world.
We tried to make a audiobook of the entire short story A Scandal in Bohemia, but we didn’t have enough time. This was our first attempt at an audiobook.
A Scandal in Bohemia is a Sherlock Holmes short story by Arthur Conan Doyle. We used the text provided on

source: https://krescentmoon.net/

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