Andy Reports On Trump’s Ukraine Scandal – CONAN on TBS

What the hell does Andy know about the Ukraine scandal? Absolutely nothing.

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24 bình luận về “Andy Reports On Trump’s Ukraine Scandal – CONAN on TBS”

  1. I'm not a patriot but since i live here in Ukraine i feel pity that this country gets a bad reputation with this whole story because it really needs help of western countries, including US. With Russia taking part of the territory by force and trying to push it's own agenda, it is very important that Ukraine is being supported by the western countries since Putin won't stop here and western countries need an ally in this region to balance against Russian influence. Obviously, no hate towards Russian people.

  2. Cause Joe Biden committed the same crime and admitted it on camera add his son getting huge amounts of money from Ukraine 50k/month in a position he had zero experience in months after getting kicked out of the navy for drug use.

  3. I've been meaning to ask for a long time: why the pompadour hair style as a comedic trademark? Unless it covers a skull deformity, then nevermind.

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