Are You SAFE From China's Food Scandals?

Food safety in developing countries is a serious concern for many people. We discuss and compare issues with food safety in China and Vietnam.

Location – Hanoi, Vietnam

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Living in China for so long, we would like to share some of the comparisons that we have found between China and the west, and shed some light on the situation.

Every week, we take you to a new place in China on our bikes, cover a topic, and reply to your questions.

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42 bình luận về “Are You SAFE From China's Food Scandals?”

  1. 2:52 "if there is a profit margin, you know, china will find… a lot of chinese people find a way… industrious chinese people find a way to scam people out of money"

    replace "chinese" with almost any other nationality and the sentence is still true

  2. You guys are wrong. There are a lot of cases of food-scandal in Vietnam as well (Copied from China) and these cases are more prominent in the North than in the South. They are just on a smaller scale compared to China.
    I am Vietnamese and I know. That is why when I go back to Vietnam for holidays, I tried my best to avoid side road stalls. The problem is that they taste so good tho 😅😅😅

  3. Wife owns a cafe in interior Alaska and food safety is of the upmost importance. Never had food poisoning but I/we don't eat out much. Not many can make the quality food that we can so we choose to dine at our cafe or home.

  4. Trips to Mexico a few generations ago used to be accompanied by tummy issues, that is no longer true. I've never had a food issue myself. I have been at an event in CT in which the person who planned the event in a major hotel was among those who got sick from the food. I didn't, nor did my girlfriend.

  5. Major food poisoning in Patong Beach, Thailand. Went to have late dinner at a nice little restaurant popular with tourists. The next morning, I woke up nauseous, dizzy, and with a headache. It was coming out of both ends. And I had signed up to a tour of Phuket that day. Well, I was sick for half of my 13 day trip there. Luckily, I had antibiotics. And even when I returned to China I was still having trouble for a week. I went to the hospital in China and it was useless as they only tested my blood, not my stool. I started taking probiotic pills on the advice of my medically trained friend from home as the antibiotics pretty much destroyed the natural flora in my gut, I had to replenish it and it worked after a couple of days. That was the first worst food poisoning ever! Considering I had street food twice in Patong Beach and in Bangkok, I was fine. But I never ate any street food in China. Just looking at the disgusting carts gave me diarrhea! I went to Vietnam too but their street food carts scared me too. So restaurants it is.

  6. I’ve been to China 7 times and have had no issues eating street food and food in a few villages and I’ve also drank the tap water, just luck maybe. But I did get sick from drinking way to much baijiu when I was there for New Year last year my wife is from China and her family really likes to drink and are all ways filling my glass.

  7. I've eaten street food all over the world, including the hot dogs in NYC which the mayor wants to ban due to climate change. Back in the day, long before you guys ever went to the Middle Kingdom I ate all kinds of food and only got sick once. It was a xiaolumbao restaurant near the Institute where I taught. But I went back again and had no problem.

  8. So I'll tell you one story. It is common in Europe to have a lot of vaccinations against a lot of diseases. In Asia it is not so. We hve a large Asian community in my country. They do not have vaccinations and die of diseases that occur in our country in a few cases a year. Of these, half are Asians and usually come to the hospital when it's too late to die from diseases we hardly know.

  9. Even if you succeed in avoiding filth, bacteria and unsanitary practices, there is the hidden danger of chemical contamination and adulteration, which might not cause immediate distress but is dangerous in the long term.

  10. mmmm I think you could be off a little bit with the water guys… …not saying it's defiantly the same, but Thailand have the old washing salads and serving ice thing pretty sorted out.

    There are trucks that go around selling clean ice that all the food sellers use and are very cheap, and the water they use to clean stuff comes from big bottles that are more or less water cooler bottles, that are cheap and clean… noone makes ice from tap water…..why would you? I wouldn't be surprised if Vietnam is the same..

  11. thank God I could read Chinese!! these video interlaced footages of China while walking in vietnam streets….wonder how many of your viewers can discern your illustrative intent without getting confused.

  12. China topic is the only way you can make a living. SAD SAD.
    YOU TWO are very disappointed AND sad big time that 39 dead souls in UK are confirmed to be Vietnamese, not Chinese. LMAO.

  13. I've been to both Vietnam and China and unfortunately my worst food poisoning was at Papa Murphy's Pizza in Minnesota LOL. I don't know what it was about did pepperoni pizza but my entire body was completely rejecting anything at all including water for over a day. I honestly thought that was a good chance I was going to die

  14. 100%the truth, that's why as a Chinese I seldom eat outside now,even posh restaurant face the same issue, who knows, maybe even the raw materials we buy from wet market or supermarket are not fresh or healthy, anyway we have to eat. that's a big problem Chinese government needs to tackle right now

  15. I can't remember if you guys said you have plans on visiting Indonesia one day or India. If India definitely be safe eating, from everyone I've heard online if I remember correctly there's pretty much no way not to get sick, that's what I hear from people online and stay away from northern India (for other reasons it seem's pretty darned dangerous) but I know you guys know this already hehe. There's like nothing I can say about travel that ya all dudes don't know hehe. Just keep doing what you guys do, it really is awesome and having a very positive effect on the world. It ripples down, believe that much these videos affect people in a positive manner who don't even know who ya all are!

  16. Well I mean C Milk grew up in 1st world not South Africa so of course his stomach flora is not gonna be robust enough to handle gutter oil

  17. Food poisoning is kinda a big issue in Thailand, however, I didn`t get it when I was there including eating street food in Chaing Mai …. I was very fortunate to be with some local friends who pointed at what to avoid my other friends weren`t and stayed at the b&b recovering ……

  18. Awwww poor C-milk got booted off of Facebook 😂🤣😂. That must really suck for him. Maybe you both will get booted off YouTube soon and have to get real jobs.

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