BIG DPS? Kaito & Tsukiko Summer Banner Review – Final Fantasy Brave Exvius

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Summer is coming to an end, but Kaito and Tsukiko are here to see it off in style! Kaito and Tsukiko are two interesting units with unique mechanics that no other currently damage dealers really explore! Autocasting chaining moves for free at the start of the turn and stacking multiple damage over time skills. Are they worth it?

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  1. Kaito can have all of his damage over time skills up at the same time. But you only have 1 of each up (using a 2nd Kaito doesn't work).
    Tsukiko can only precast a single skill each turn (her CD skill and LB don't stack together afaik)

  2. So for global originals we have:
    A boy in a kimono with a sword with control over water


    A demon girl

    looks at demon slayer

    Original hmmmmmm

  3. did gumi just pay wall us for the 5 star ex ticket for this event?
    it cost 4000 energy (100 run)
    we get 12 energy per hour x 24 hour s day = 288 x 14 days = 4032 energy
    we are allow 1 fail( i already failed 5-10 times)cuz 7 star kaito(2400 atk) can't solo it on a bonus event
    did they really expect us to do 100 run even for whale?
    35000 points previously was already a grind

  4. Tsukiko and kaito both very disappointing, I used then in fight and their damage is low, they suck! Not op at all..please don't hype units that suck!

  5. I'm in need of a good mage. All I have currently is black mage golbez which I personally like even tho he's not the best. Pulled a tsukiko last night maybe I'll get lucly

  6. I got 110 EX tickets 10 Yellow and 100 blue tickets

    I got 6 Rainbows from them i was like omfg I got my 2nd Sephiroth, 2nd Nalu, and Neverending Hope

    I just beated Alexander 3 star I just whack it with dark weapons

  7. I used 5 Tickets and got 1 Kaito, earlier today I got to 4k lapis and decided to pull a Yolo for the Lolz and now Luckily I have 3 Kaitos❤

  8. check this out my best dps in ffbe is always be esther now with cg limit burst vs iron giant

  9. I just had to comment. After watching this, I pulled Tsukiko #1 on my daily, Circe #2 with the free daily pull, and Marie #2 off my fountain EX Ticket… 🤩

    Although FML no more luck ever, that’s 3/3 rainbows…

  10. Saw some maths which got him slightly below Esther and 2 of him does billions of damage less than 2 Esthers. Have you seen or done some quick maths yourself, Howl?

  11. I kind of feel like Kaito is trash. Generally you don't want a overly complicated unit to use because it over complicates what you have to do in order to get the most damage possible. Simple is boring but, overly complicated for no reason just makes things annoying.

    Tsukiko though. I'm liking that she comes with her own 10 turn gimme autocast. I can see her being the best option for a long boss fight that requires heavy hitting magic dealers with tricks. Based on her best skills, if you have 4 of he its best to get (2) 7 stars rather than go for the STMR. I rarely would ever say that. Once a better unit comes out the older same type category unit is pretty useless unless specific circumstances where you come up in that you would specific set of abilities that the strongest doesn't have.

  12. I used 20 tickets trying to get bonus units for the event, I didn't get any 4* ,only 3* Oh I did get 2 tsuzuki chicks tho. I wasn't overly excited except for the 200% event bonus. But now I think I might have to level her up fully, get tm etc and have a play around with her. Could be interesting. I don't think I have anyone to get more tdh magic from tho, or even know who has it lol. Anyone here know?

  13. Bruh why you got 5 commercial breaks in this video. That's like 13 commercials. I'm trying to watch all the way through but I'm tired of the uber eats man

  14. It would be very healthy for this game if it would stop depending ENTIRELY on freaking chains. Unfortunately, chains so are so freaking retardedly powerful that that is gonna be impossible without them making gimmick fights where chains have downsides.

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