Dairanger – Dairangers vs. Media Magician a.k.a Showbiz Monster (Fan-Made)

this is basically Dairangers vs. Media Magician from episode 33 of Dairangers but edited to have with a what-if? twist if Media Magician (aka Showbiz Monster) was not Rin’s lover, rather than being her natural enemy with the other Dairangers. And another what-if? twist that if Media Magician himself never betrayed Gara. And also if Media Magician was never a tragic bad guy?

During the Mech/Megazord fight, Media Magician also edited to talking and sounding during the fight and the fight is also extended and longer (example with Media Magician uses his flim tape on Dairen’oh)

By the extension, the megazord/mech fight in this is also somehow the improved of the megazord fight in this video:
which is also my first video. In case even if you have already watch this, you need to see it again in this video with a more improved aspects.

There may mistakes in this that briefly involved Haniwa Ventriloquist and also Tofu Hermit being in Media Magician’s places during his attack.

Disclaimer: All of the clips in this belongs to TOEI, i don’t own or make these new clips by myself in this.

source: https://krescentmoon.net/

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