French Political Scientist Marie Mendras on Trump-Zelenskyy scandal

The content of the July conversation between the presidents of the U.S. and Ukraine, as well as Donald Trump’s alleged pressure on Volodymyr Zelenskyy, became the hottest topic of last week. One of the experts to comment on the effects of the scandal to Hromadske was Marie Mendras, a prominent French political scientist with expertise on Eastern Europe.

According to Mendras, the publishing of the memorandum of the telephone conversation was a “sad moment of humiliation” for Zelenskyy and Trump.

“I think it is more humiliating and more problematic for the two of them than [it is] for [French] President Macron or [German] Chancellor Merkel,” Mendras said referring to Trump’s and Zelenskyy’s complaint that the E.U. is not doing enough to help Ukraine.

She added that this conversation revealed just how complicated the “Ukraine-Russia conflict” is.

“It’s not that easy to decide, like the French President did in July, that one could just go ahead and make progress with the new President Zelensky, with Vladimir Putin, and reach a deal,” Mendras said.

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