1. If those impeachment polls predict the 2020 election, it looks like only about 20 percent of voters decide who becomes USA President, the remaining votes cancel each other out!🤔

  2. Mr conway if u call him trash it's won't hurt him u must call him a old stupid old clown or RATS in d shit hole ok

  3. Fox is fake news again today for having the audacity to publish latest impeachment polling numbers. If it's unflattering it's fake whether media or people

  4. YOU mean flurry letters of request … don’t believe me call any representative dem or Republican ask for an electronic copy of even one subpoena; wrong Clinton(Impeached) and Nixon(NOT Impeached) BOTH HAD FLOOR VOTES … and while you are at it ask your representative did Adam Schiff upon receiving information from the leaker did he contact his Cabinet counterpart; did he contact the House Leadership IN TURN; Did they contact the Senate Leadership(Gang of 4); IN TURN did they include both houses WHIPS(Gang of 8); AND FINALLY; Clinton AND Nixon investigations were handled by JUDICIARY NOT Intelligence Committee… anyone care to comment on these facts

  5. Maybe we could send Ivanka back over…she seems to deal well with the Chinese…she came back with umpteen trademarks including voting machines. Imagine…voting on Chinese voting machines purchased there and marketed over here, I presume, by a Traitor spawn/ !!!

  6. I really do not want to sound mean, but who the fuck calls themselves "Poppy"? The old Smurf guy… maybe? Afghani drug dealers? A freaky clown? Mr. Pepsi? A balloon enthusiast? Virgins? Gangstas? Le Betard's dad? WHY NO ANSWER!!!!!!

  7. Mitch the Bitch cannot save you from Jail, you rotten conman bastard,.. The Whole republiKlan party cannot save you. Those Morons can barely save themselves,.. Get you some Money on the Books, criminal,… You gonna need it for Vaseline,…

  8. The House needs to stop jerking around, they refuse to comply with a Subpoena? Charge them with Contempt of Congress and lock their @$$'$ up.

  9. "National Registered Voter Turnout in Federal Elections" 2016 was the lowest it's been in 20 years and the Republicans lost by just under 3 Million. 2018 was the highest Mid-term turn-out number in history, the highest % in over 100 years. 114 Million Citizens of the United States of America voted, and they lost by over 10 Million. Nov 3rd 2020, Donald Trump, "do nothing – deny everything" Moscow Mitch + 21 more Republicans in the Senate are up for re-election. Nov 3rd 2020, The Citizens of the United States of America need to hire a plumbing Contractor that deals with blocked up drains. He needs clear the drain and flush the toilet toilet so that we can actually have a functioning Government again.

  10. So who is confused you just said it both parties are in their partisan corner then there's the evidence what's the confusing part!!!!!

  11. That figures this is the gutless fucking communist not news networks full of demoncraptic socialists spewing shit for brains talking points. You lose again suckers. Wait for it.

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