Gutfeld on the latest New York Times scandal

New York Times reporters blame error in Brett Kavanaugh story on their editors. #TheFive #FoxNews

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47 bình luận về “Gutfeld on the latest New York Times scandal”

  1. I pray for Brett Kavannach every day. Our Lord Jesus had His false witnesses as well. God bless him and his family always and all true witnesses everywhere.

  2. I pray for Brett Kavannach every day. Our Lord Jesus had His false witnesses as well. God bless him and his family always and all true witnesses everywhere.

  3. always have to make it seem like it could have happened even though there is no proof, just accusations, right down to the panel, such a mind truck, you know what i mean

  4. Juan . Juan .. you just go on and on in your fairy tale world that the left can't say anything thing wrong . Special when they make things up to fit there own narrative and keep the lie going .

  5. NYT lost the little bit of it's credibillity, disrespecting THE true values of what's make a journalist a good journalist … integrity, neutrality, objectivity. Just revoke their white house press cards, if you give them a card you should give one to cartoon network and comedy channel as well

  6. Dear Viewer here is what happened – you mean like bunch of cavemen shutting down Norad??? How about Building7. Selective outrage, selective memory.

  7. Is the same fiasco impeach the president with an ilegal investigation base on lies from the very begining this people are amazing obstruction of justice yeah ! Right

  8. That's funny , because her name appears in the book, in other words shes already been outed. Truth is, none of these accusers are real and none have ever filed complaints in their proper jurisdictions. They are all soul selling puppets for the lying Democrat party.

  9. Is it just me or does The Five really seem like they all harbor some deep rooted hatred for each other? Other than Jesse and Greg, who seem tight. Or at least have a good working relationship.

  10. They DID try to discredit Gorsuch. Richard Blumenthal tried fearmongering by claiming that Gorsuch expressed an opinion (something about not ever impeaching Trump I believe) when they met in his office prior to Gorsuch's confirmation.

  11. The New York Slimes is the subversive, Communist paper of record, it exist for the purpose of, spreading propaganda throughout the land, by questioning deeply felt American values and cultural attitudes, all the while, deconstructing a Nations religious, ethnic and social norms.

  12. I joined The NYT on FB and have been debating them on all their BS articles…and winning 100% of the time. Turns out, when you lie for a living, you become nothing but a liar.

  13. Juan is like the typical lefty, no clue of the rule for nominations. A sitting President cannot push a nomination through in their last few months in office. This is to prevent a crossover of conflict into the next Presidents administration.

  14. America it is long overdue we Boycott NYTimes CNN and MSNBC just shut them off and don't spend a dime with anyone that promotes the garbage they have been spilling

  15. New York Times ,CNN and some others were one sided news ,thanks for Alex Jones ,Judge Jeanie ,Hanity and GG and others for real news they were

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