In today’s #RaisingTheNuts #pokervlog, we take a look at a huge cheating scandal going on. This is just a video for fun and we had a great time making it. Huge props to everyone involved in the investigation:

Joe Ingram:
Doug Polk:
Solve For Why:

Music: Dizaro- Believer

Link to the Raising The Nuts podcast:

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  1. I watched the stream for a couple of hours, and thought he was signaling someone else on the table. Players from the 1980’s in Houston would have figured it out in a couple sessions. We were always looking out for cheats.

  2. You are running in VLOG GOD mode…. almost as if you knew exactly what your Youtube audience had before they even asked for it. I'm not going to accuse you of anything but it IS a little suspicious to me that your subscriber numbers are rising so fast 🙂

  3. EPIC! You kids are GUILTY…of being the cutest kids EVER! Way to go ya’ll!! Your parents are doing an awesome job of instilling some very good values in you too!! Keep up the good work!!👍🏾

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