In Madhya Pradesh Sex Scandal, Politicians, Bureaucrats, Over 1,000 Clips

A dozen top bureaucrats and eight former ministers of Madhya Pradesh are being investigated in a high profile extortion racket in which over 1,000 clips of sex chats, explicit videos and audios have been found from computers and mobile phones. The massive honey-trap plan, which targeted only wealthy people and focused on politicians and bureaucrats, involved five women who used sex workers and young college girls, the police say. More than 200 mobile phone contacts uncovered in raids suggest the scam may not have been limited to Madhya Pradesh.

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26 bình luận về “In Madhya Pradesh Sex Scandal, Politicians, Bureaucrats, Over 1,000 Clips”

  1. Let's not cat like we haven't heard of this. It's rampant in Mumbai. Most five stars are booked to service beaurocrats and ministers with high profile hookers. Railways, MMRDA, tax officials, court and police officers are the biggest beneficiaries. In return they alptt cobtracts, sign permissions, exempt taxes etc…
    It's high time this whole racket gets busted. Not that things will stop completely. But will bring down the menace to some extent at least, hopefully!

  2. I request it to release on netflix also shows the same things "sacred games the 4000 ways". who says India cannot produce male pornstars. we need transperancy in all such matters and let the collection go the poor.

  3. This matter is very GRAVE in nature as it is affecting Nation's interest and security. The matter NEEDS to be dealth with CBI and Apex Court as well.

  4. If any male commits crime or something wrong, you people show his face. Why not ladies if they do something wrong, why their faces are covered??

  5. 😂😂🤣🤣 chut ke liye saab bejdala. Maximum BJP ke leader involved hai. Shame shame. India me saab theek hai 😂 😂 😂. Beti padaoo Beti bachaoo BJP wlaoo se.

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