Is He a TOURIST or a TERRORIST? (Mexico Airport Scandal)

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Many of you guys will remember my good friend Baderkhan, the guy who showed me around his home in Iraqi Kurdistan earlier this year. I made a video on him having the “World’s Worst Passport!”

Well, a few weeks ago, he was very excited to visit his 75th country of MEXICO, but upon arrive at the airport, he was denied entry and was forced to buy his own flight back home.

Here’s the full story.

It pains my heart to hear this situation because he is one of the nicest, most genuine and kind-hearted souls I’ve ever met and he is the farthest thing away from a “terrorist.”

What are your thoughts on racial profiling? Would love to get a discussion going in the comments below.

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25 bình luận về “Is He a TOURIST or a TERRORIST? (Mexico Airport Scandal)”

  1. this is really sad, western world people treat Asian people like a jerk, where as we Asian treat western world people humble and family manner.

  2. lol…and the "real" terrorist can travel all over the world without any problems…..its just a joke!! everyone can see that he is not a "criminal"…..a closer look in his eyes and everyone knows it

  3. U. S. Rejected my visa two years back. After an year, I tried Hong Kong visa. I traveled to Hong Kong numerous times but they rejected me upright. Isn't it unfair to deal with people like this. People should have liberty to places they like…

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