Justin Trudeau Faces the Press After Brownface and Blackface Scandal | NowThis

TRUDEAU FACES THE PRESS: Canadian PM Justin Trudeau makes a policy announcement and holds a media availability. Yesterday Trudeau was embroiled in scandal following the publication of photographs and videos of him in the 90’s and early 2000’s dressed in racially offensive brownface and Blackface costumes.
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24 bình luận về “Justin Trudeau Faces the Press After Brownface and Blackface Scandal | NowThis”

  1. He’s a good guy, a really good guy. And what the heck is Brown Face? Does the tone of the face paint represent a slight variance in the type of racism?

  2. I hate that virtue signaling dweeb but I could not care less that he put make up on his face and anyone that does, fix yourself so your not so god dam fragile

  3. At least he didn’t minimize what he did, and he’s def not hiding from the media. I’m not saying it wasn’t racist, just that at least he owned it.

  4. Okay Leftists. It's time to call out your hypocrisy. There will be no protests over this. there will be no Leftists holding angry signs at the Capitol. It will be swept under the rug, just like Ralph Northam. You're hypocrites.

  5. Racism is officially dead. When Kimmel, Fallon, Silverman, Northam, Trudeau wear freaking BLACKFACE and nobody bats an eye- that’s proof it’s nothing but a political tool.

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