Lawyer Explains the Mike Postle Poker Cheating SCANDAL – Viva Frei Vlawg

A subscriber asked me what I thought of the Mike Postle poker (alleged) cheating scandal. I had to look into it. And watch a TON of videos on the subject. It is truly fascinating. Here is the full breakdown, from beginning to present. Enjoy!

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  2. This is why most professional tournaments use cameras in the poker table to record cards that the players are required to put their cards over. It may not be as cool as RFID but it is much more secure than an open RFID signal that can be easily intercepted.

  3. I'm curious to see how it was done if he is indeed guilty of it. I think RFID is unlikely. RFID signals are weak, so the notion of being able to read them from any distance I think is unlikely. And the whole hand on the head so he can get a read from some code from a device in the rim of his hat, I find to be reaching as well. I mean, something like watching the LIVE coverage of the game you are in on your phone because the live game is showing the cards everyone has seems more plausible…or text messages as to the cards people have, or what play to make, coming from an accomplice who is watching the LIVE stream is possible too. And if nobody knows how he pulled it off, he only needs to say it was dumb luck that he won. How could they prove it otherwise?

  4. I have you thought about doing more stuff on other platforms? That way Incase YouTube decides you aren’t safe for YouTube (I’ve stopped trying to understanding youtube).
    Love your content!

  5. I've been following this story for a few weeks, it's been hilarious to watch him play…hes an idiot, folding top pair (and inside straight draw) on turn when he's bet… So many hands

  6. You must have missed the, "HE WILL NOT DIVIDE US" /Shia Labouf vs 4Chan capture the flag saga. The internet went full Sherlock on him.

  7. They only issue that I have is this guy does not realize how those games play at Stones. The 1/3 game plays more like a 2/5 game and the 5/5 they played usually had at LEAST a $10 straddle….and table stakes…so they can top off their stacks at any time….Not saying the guy is not guilty…..looks bad for him. But where's the accomplice or the phone or the bone conducting headphones?

  8. I have used RFID readers that can reach out more than 20 feet. I have them at doors that forklifts and transport vehicles move in and out frequently so the driver does not have to do anything to open and close the door. The drivers badge and the vehicles rfid badge are read. The pickup is coil is bigger than a typical reader but small enough, the coil of wire would fit in the stitching of a shirt or sewn into the leg of a pair of pants. One company makes a product called RFID radar that can pickup tags from 1200 ft away and give you direction and distance to map the location of where them rfid item is. Great for a disorganized warehouse.

  9. I have a pair of bone conducting headphones (treks air is what i believe they are called). They're really nothing more than glorified speakers that lay on the bone under your temple area. This is almost a non issue though as spy earpieces are super teeny and would not be noticed by anyone around him. I suspect that when he pushes hit hat against his head, he is trying to hear the other person much better.
    But that isn't really important, theres soooo many ways to get information to him. Bone conductive headphones usually have some sort of bulk to them afaik and normal spy earpieces would do the job much better. If it turns out he was receiving non human voice but simply data, then you can get even more crazy. think about how he could use the rfid info to establish the cards in every players hand, which could then be run through an algorithm to decide on what the most advantageous move to make next given the current situation and the end result could be a vibrator in both of his shoes. Theres too many systems that could work in this scenario so its really not important.

    I really believe that this would be hard to pull off without the venue's involvement. While rfid readers are getting increasingly smaller and could accomplish what was required to pull this off, the simple fact that there is so much more work done to turn a bunch of random inputs to the rfid reader into an on screen visualization for twitch means theres a non-insignificant amount of work required to be able to build that system from scratch. But this venue already has the system to classify who has which cards and because of how little work it seems he's actually doing (it seems like he is mostly receiving info, not transmitting any), my best guess is that there is a one or two people in another room able to give the player only the important information (e.g. opponent x is bluffing).  
    For this to be any other situation than the venue (or a rogue employee) working with Postle, every other scenario involves significant risk, significant overhead, significant programming knowledge to turn raw intercepted RFID input into a functional method of gaining such an upperhand.

    Regardless of the details about how he was transmitted the info, how it was done, where the point of exploitation existed etc…

    The dude went into hiding and people dont usually do that if they're on the up and up.

  10. You should look into the Hong Kong protests and the legal differences between terrorists and revolutionaries. If not that then the boycotts surrounding Hong Kong and the Chinese government censoring companies.

  11. This video could have been much shorter. You didn't need to spend 5 minutes summarizing the initial story. A link to a story would have sufficed.

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  13. Isn't there another round of legalization legislation coming around in the cannabis sector? Could that be worth exploring?

  14. They probably covered this, but there are A.I. with super human poker playing capability, he might have been hooked up to one of those.

  15. Did the Casino actually run the event? or were they simply a venue that had a business arrangement with some other event organizer? That makes a HUGE difference.

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  17. If the guy that allegedly cheated is smart him and his money will be somewhere out of jurisdiction and maybe living under a different name.But if he is the crook folks think he is he's probably not that smart. Makes me glad I don't gamble.I'd probably starve if I had to make a living gambling.

  18. I follow a handful of pages here on YouTube. You’re the only lawyer, and Doug Polk/Joey are the only poker players, so to see this was awesome. Can’t wait to see more!!

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