Living the Mike Postle Cheating Scandal with Jaman Burton EP 15

So I left LA and went up to Sacramento to interview Jaman Burton from The Drawing Dead Vlog and play on the Stones Live Stream. Just so happened a guy named Mike Postle was being accused of cheating on that exact same stream at the exact same time. I knew before heading up there that a scandal was brewing but had no idea exactly how or if it would affect the trip. Well silly me huh? Giant THANKS to Jaman for jumping on P’s and Q’s! Ya’ll made this happen subbbbs!

You’ve got to check out Jaman’s poker vlog – The Drawing Dead

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  1. Disclaimer that I'm pretty pumped with everything going on so talking hella fast and dropping a couple f bombs. ijs… 🙂

  2. This was dope! It was so great meeting you. Sucks that all that drama had JUST started when we were there but at least we got some hands in at Capital!

  3. Thanks, this was some very interesting insight into the situation. And a nice win too especially under the circumstances! Good Luck!

  4. Can you please explain this "run it twice, run it three times" stuff? It doesn't make sense to me. If you have your opponent crushed, why give him more chances to draw out on you? There is absolutely no upside. What am I missing?

  5. Great video again Q! Jaman is awesome. Last Summer I was in The Venetian, hoping to get a post card, and I thought to myself, "Jaman talks about getting carrot cake here…" So, totally base from his vlogs, I got a slice of carrot cake there. Jaman, was 100% correct, carrot cake at The Venetian is amazing! Thank you again for posting your vlogs Q, I really enjoy them.

  6. Another great poker vlog and interview from Q! It's great to see you interview Burton, because I used to watch him until I discovered you 😆.

  7. You bought in for 600, doubled up with KK, won 3/2 with JJ vs AA and more than doubled with the boat on the River, you cashed out 1300?
    What happened?

  8. Jaman is awesome. He also replied to my messages on Facebook. My favorite Vlogger and my favorite LFGO member meet, loving life!

  9. Nice. The vlog worked well, for me anyway. Jaman is right. People do interfere with him during his game, often. Only time I abuse his time is when I sit next to him in a game. Common courtesy. Viewers need to understand, we are fans of vloggers, not necessarily friends of the vlogger. But, the vloggers feel the need to be cordial to subscribers and show their appreciation. For you and the others, I'm still waiting for the M.U.G. game in Hollywood, St.Louis

  10. Great session, very generous running it three times, two is my max, if I'm in the mood. I also get a kick outa Jamans vlogs, cool interview. I hope one day to meet many vloggers in person, yourself included. Love the energy!! Keep up the GREAT work!!

  11. Love yall both….as thirty five year poker playing I've seen tons of cheats at home games….mechanics…..people doing sign language… games with dealers..but now you cant even go to the casinos….and it seems poker players know how this piece of shit do it…..fuckin CARD READING APPS…..IM DONE

  12. Best response to Postle yet!! He's definitely not going to stop technology lol.. The poker community is DEEP.. Nice video!

  13. This was a really (really) excellent Vlog 👍🏻 a mix of hand reviews (you owned these guys !) an awesome interview. I never follows Jaman but man this guy has charisma ! Subscribing to his channel. And yes you have your own style of vlog which as he said sets you apart & is key to success ! Awesome job Q

  14. I would have gotten max value on the duces hand… raise and get it all-in on the turn 3-way then suck out against both straights on the river. Good luck in LA!

  15. ALSO if you know any ladies in the LA area who want to learn poker I'm doing a ladies workshop on Nov 3rd! Please help me spread the word!

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