Lobbying "The next Big Scandal"

We have campaigned for whistle-blower protection since the current law failed to protect the first whistle blower The BUPA 7, for almost two decades. Then WBUK a compromised organisation that is funded by Constantine Cannon Law firm and who is on the record as pro bounty Hunting becomes the secretariat for the APPG on whistle-blowing. Constantine Cannon also sponsors this APPG role. Lobbying via APPGs are a scar on our democracy we are having law made not to meet public need but as a result of Big bucks calling the shots via a rotten system. This scandal needs to be investigated and brought to public attention. Today’s debate was driven by Stephen Kerr MP, the office for the whistle blower is a foregone conclusion. The compliance industry ie WBUK and Constantine Cannon are serving their own agendas only investigative journalism can stop this rot.

source: https://krescentmoon.net/

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