MORE Documents Implicate Joe Biden in Ukraine Scandal, It's About To Get A WHOLE LOT Worse

MORE Documents Implicate Joe Biden in Ukraine Scandal, Politician Says Joe Was Paid $900K By Burisma.

A Ukrainian MP has issued a statement and released documents alleging that Joe Biden himself was paid $900,000 in exchange for consulting services by Burisma. The story, reported by Interfax, directly implicates Joe Biden and if true would present a scenario in which Joe Biden got a prosecutor fired to protect himself from investigation.

The issue in the end for all of us is who to trust. Do we trust this Ukrainian politician? Well the media reported that Hunter Biden and Joe did nothing wrong, but their source? A Ukrainian political figure.

In the end it seems like we have no way to know who is telling the truth unless the US launches an investigation into Joe Biden. At the very least, even if the latest allegations are true Joe has been accused for a while of enriching himself and his family with the office.

It is common “soft corruption” and we all know it happens.

Regardless of the latest claims against Trump, Democrats, Or Biden we need to stop pretending the nepotism and corruption doesn’t exist.

Even many leftists have come out slamming the Bidens for their misuse of public office and at the very least we can all agree on that.

If these new allegations are true then Trump would be right to want it investigated and it makes an absurd reason for impeachment. Regardless though, the call with Ukraine by Trump pushed it regardless if it warrants the calls to impeach.

In the end the best we can hope for is that this matter is investigated properly and fairly.


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  1. Trump had one reason to ask for dirt on joe other than more fishing. He baited the idiots into demanding impeachment. And if thats their first move after his action then they have alternate motives. Anyone involved in the impeachment embargo in congress recently is now classified as a traitor lawfully. Because they should have been smart enough to KNOW they have investigators who will easily get the information. The other reason is time. The Ukraines said no unlawful acts were performed by biden. They got it done fast. Its the international stage. They have their house in order.

    Now there is substantial evidence that no matter what the evil fucks of the world will ALWAYS take and they have countless ways to do it and get away with it. Which means pay outs/settlements to good citizens and in my case hopefully more for whistleblowers.

    China has had their middle class grown artificially and easily visible to zip lipped peers in the leadership world. The rest of the globe will follow suit in “various” other ways to level the playing field. Especially in combat against invaders who have “taken over” inside of various countries.

    Fyi the invaders have proven their lack of IQ by spreading themselves globally, thin and very obviously in spot light positions of “power”. Idiots think they are not being watched.

  2. I often find your commentary and takes on things really great, and this was no exception. However I do have to disagree with our opinion on if it is OK to take dirt on political opponents from foreign governments. As long as the dirt in question is verifiable, then the source of the truth, is not really what matters now is it? IF it is true, then where that truth came from is of less importance than the truth.

  3. The reason they are going after trump and not Obama is because Trump is a Republican, whereas Obama was a Democrat- some are completely in favor of rigging the game or falsifying information and cheating and stealing if it is their team doing it. Do I think Trump is perfect? No. But I trust him a lot more than Clinton or Biden or Obama or some Hollywood elite talking out their ass on a topic they know nothing about.

  4. WHAT ABOUT YOUR DOUBLE STANDARD, Tim??? Trump IS doing the best he can…better than ANY OTHER politician would be, including that twit Tulsi. He’s not “corrupt” like the Bidens, Clinton’s, Obamas… STOP playing along with the lying media that you claim to hate. I’m about to stop watching this crap, as you are no different than the rest of the scumbags getting rich off lying to us. You know Trump is doing the right things, but you won’t admit it cuz u will lose a lot of subscribers. HYPOCRISY IS SWIRLING ALL AROUND YOU.

  5. Excellent video. Keep your opinions on the low, let the viewers decide. Stop the caveats tho(please), pursue the story. You have good journalistic instincts Tim

  6. Lets do Obama next. He just bought a $15,000,000 house in Martha's vineyard all on that measly salary he had while president. Maybe he saved one of those pallets of our money that he was sending to Iran, for himself. By the way, what did Obama know about his Vice Presidents side deals? No wonder he's been so silent.

  7. I am not sure if Hunter did to anything illegal. All he did was take a job and receive a consulting fee. Joe Biden may not have done anything illegal. All he did was strong arm a foreign power as a sitting VP to enrich his kid.
    As to ethics, I don' think there is any debate. The Biden Family stinks to hi heaven.

  8. How corrupt is it to try to come up with a term like "soft corruption"? Why are you repeating their corrupt thinking like it's a valid concept, Tim?

  9. Its Hillary all over again. According to the left, the crimes and unethical activity by these politicians is not the problem, the problem is people like Assange exposing those crimes and Trump wanting to investigate.

  10. "soft corruption" …. Just like the soft censorship you're getting? Or the soft bias media has against any truth. You're getting worse Tim and even if you weren't being censored. Wishy washyness is gonna put people off. Not saying you should support Trump or the Republicans. But have at least something to stand for.

  11. I agree. All politicians are probably dirty. That’s why I’d rather vote for the ones that stay out of my business as much as possible.

  12. How is it legal to accept campaign contributions of 900,000$ from a foreign company. This is obviously a bribe and both parties are guilty.

  13. All I need to know is the video of Biden threatening the Ukraine. Not that they really needed all that money anyway. That's enough evidence for me. Papa Biden is a Gangsta with Crackhead son.

  14. MSM be like.. More baseless conspiracy theories emerge about Joe Biden. But the real corruption is his ‘Whiteness’.

  15. "it is soft corruption" no no no, it is "corruption" plain and simple. not soft corruption, minor corruption, diet corruption, corruption lite, etc.

  16. If a politician is involved in corruption in another country how is it wrong to ask for an investigation into that corruption? If it was not a politician and say just a company would it be wrong also to ask for the investigation?

  17. Trump isn’t Corrupt period. Is he an angel? Absolutely not. He stepped up because he was tired of seeing America and hard working Americans being last on politicians list. Since the 80s Trump said he really doesn’t want to be president but if he has too he will. Trump has taken a massive hit when it comes to his money. He could’ve just lived his life very very happily with his billions. Trumps interests are are AMERICAN interests! America first! Trump is the only thing standing in the way of the radical lefts insane agenda. The left wins this county will be torn apart because I absolutely will not sit back and let these monsters take our god given rights away!

  18. Huh. That explains why's top stories are on celebrities and not Trump. I bet they know the story is about to shift.

  19. i have NO problem w/ Democrats and Leftwing pundits dismissing all claims of corruption related to former VP Joe Biden; that's what politicians do—they LIE. however, the unbelievable incuriosity of the MSM is UNACCEPTABLE! their mandate is to check the authority of government—regardless of political affiliation. but considering that most of this story has already been investigated and written about, the fact that the MSM still refuses to look into it is just more proof of corruption w/ in the MSM!

  20. They have to go after those who are taking them down. Before Trump can accuse them of what they are doing they try to accuse Trump of what they are doing first so that when he brings evidence of what they are doing it will appear like retaliation for calling him out. They are trying to take down Solomon because he is exposing them. Too many of us, however, know this is going on.

  21. Plus WHAT ABOUT HILLARY CLINTON TAKING FAKE DIRT!?! She paid 9 million for it! Also the DNC was apart of it! And OBAMA was apart of alllll of it!

  22. The very act of calling someone a conspiracy theorist or calling something a conspiracy theory is in itself a conspiracy theory…

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