1. Nancy Pelosi’s favorite line “no one is above the law” is going to bite her right in her saggy ass!
    Especially when they come to knock for Paul Pelosi.
    He will really be PP. in his pants!
    Their arrogance is what brings them down. Because Biden couldn’t just shut his fn mouth.
    Bet Joe’s hearing a lot of that these past weeks!

  2. Kris Heinz is Kerry’s stepson. John Kerry’s wife is Theresa Heinz of the Heinz ketchup dynasty.
    Archer was an aide to John Kerry.
    This is a big problem for Biden. They got the goods on all these transactions.

  3. It's an absolute abuse of power by pelisi and Schiff to be conducting an impeachment *inquiry*. She and schiff both have Ukraine govt ties. Pelosi personal aide is Ukrainian with powerful government ties. Pelisi is 3rd in line to presidency, what's to stop her from taking out pense in same way. She should step down for doing this. It's also wrong for intelligence to be used and gives them power to take out any president in future. This is was despotic Gov't do. Bidens was and still is robbing American taxpayers.

  4. Hunter Biden, Nancy’s son Pelosi Jr, they all must be investigated and then punished at an “EQUAL” level as those of us poor peasants. It’s only the democratic way right? Equality? INCOME EQUALITY? Political PRIVILEGE?🏦💵🗳🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀

  5. I cancel my subscribing to your channel. I am not paying for your life because Youtube sucks and you can not make a living. You do not offer me anything that I need and I should pay for it. Your information is available in so many other places for free. IF you want to get paid then have a channel with employees so we do not have to watch you struggle to do the show. You are on the computer trying to switch screens, the crap you were doing walking around talking was lame. It's always the same you people think we need to pay for some lame-ass low rate gay ass show.

    PS: your, corisi, biden, his gay ass crack-smoking son, obama and his big dick swinging husband, clinton and his wife HRC who kills kids are all the same. Just pay us and we will blow smoke up your ass and nothing gets done but we take your money.

  6. And me thinking Biden couldn't look any greedie……er, I mean CREEPier, than he already did ! (Hey, sorry the typo, but I suppose either characteristic fits the case as well as the other.)

  7. CIA whistleblower reportedly traveled with VP Biden to Ukraine.

    Biden is the unnamed 2020 Dem candidate that whistleblower had “working/professional” relationship.

  8. Thank you Mr GOODMAN and DR CORSI'S and thank you to all your geast for all there help always thank you very much 📹🔈📹🔈📹🔈🌎📹🔈😀😀😀😀😀

  9. Bull Shit it is illegal what they did under current laws. Conspiracy to extort and conspiracy to receive kickbacks. It is a slam dump. A bank robber's get-away driver who does nothing but drives the car after the robbery to get away cannot turn around and once he gets busted and say "I was only driving a vehicle and driving a vehicle is not illegal" and then expect to beat his case.

  10. If your viewers are interested to pursue this, “The Duran”, although it is admittedly pro Russian, has some insightful information about the Ukraine scandal.

  11. They are all corrupt. Trump, Biden them all and their offspring now! Biden will withdraw but only because it will be put to him resign or you will be exposed further. Trump, he is finished but will bleed out to make us all suffer looking at him.

  12. I cannot believe this is even technically legal. I’m sure some motivated prosecutor can nail this down. Sounds more like the NYT is motivated to throw down a smokescreen.

  13. Makes your head spin! These bums have set the table in their favor. Cash for their consulting. Crooks plain and simple. Jail them all!

  14. I just looked on the OIG US Aid website and they are looking for a Supervisory Criminal Investigator – Maybe they can hire Mr. Corsi 🙂 Wouldn't that be a kick to uncover the massive $$$ flowing out of the government. Damn

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