Olivia Jade Has Learnt Nothing From Her College Bribery Scandal

In todays video I am going to be discussing Olivia Jades questionable return back to social media and her mother Lori Loughlin’s college admissions bribery scandal, while speaking about the rich and privileged as a whole.

I hope you enjoyed this video and I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

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  1. Let's face it! Pretty sure that a lot of people who are rich bribing colleges! Just Olivia because she's on the spot light because of YouTube! So I get all the college thing and drama and truly it wasn't fair but remember there are WAY too many rich kids that goes to schools like that! Have a great day! And you should probably blame the entire school system first because THEY did it!

  2. Why the fuck you mad at her for something her parents did and if I was her I would been acting the same way if the news articles were attacking my family and people thinking that they have a right to say something about other people‘s families and what they should do it’s called mind or own fucking business.

  3. Binging your videos 😊 it’s super rare for me to come across you tubers I genuinely enjoy listening to. I love what you have to say, and of course your goofy sense of humor. This video a serious one though.. and I like that too. Keep doing you!

  4. She was working yurs and yurs and yurs 😂😂

    Also as somebody who watched Full House as a kid, I loved Becky and kind of looked up to her, so it’s sad she did something so immoral irl, I know she’s not her character but still, makes me sad. 😂

  5. Queen??? Delusional narcissistic mindless masses who look at real life and real people from a distance through a telescope would call a person with such character a “queen”.

  6. The United States justice system doesnt work like that 😂 paying the bail gets you released from jail until you appear in court. Otherwise you stay in jail awaiting court which can take a bit of time. Regardless, paying the bail does not dismiss the charges. Although, I would not be surprised if the bribes the judge under the table to make the punishment less significant such as community service or maybe paying for someone elses tuition

  7. Honestly, rich people have been bribing their way in to colleges for almost the past decade. And what is pissing me off is they are just recently discovering this whole nonsense. I feel sorry for those who worked EXTREMELY hard to get into these top Universisties but was rejected by a couple of dumbass, is just so wrong and took the spot from a person who actually deserves it.

  8. Coming from an actual college student who had to take a semester off to work full time at a job I hated JUST to pay for tuition, I cannot stand Olivia Jade anymore. How dare she act like she didn't do anything wrong. I get that it's technically her parents' fault, but she's an influencer and a grown ass woman. She has not once said anything to her fans about the importance of education and hard work. The least she could do is apologize to the fans who actually WORK to go to college.

  9. You can't be disappointed by ppl you don't expect much from and these entitled brats definitely speak to that! But that's okay bc they WILL reap what they sow! KARMA doesn't give a F#@% How rich they are! Unfortunately, it probably won't be soon enough! Nonetheless, Karma ☠ WILL come for them! 🖤

  10. Of course influencers still support her… they don’t want to be held accountable for their own corrupt behaviors so they can’t have that energy with someone else!

  11. 6:13 wow even sierra furtado? 🤮 If you pause on the comments, most of them are dumb influencers that are encouraging her ignorant behavior which really says something about them smh

  12. If somebody made a shirt that says Fu*# Olivia Fake. I would buy one and wear it. I hope her parents get a maximum sentence. That’s funny how they got caught tho. The guidance counselor saw Olivia’s name on the acceptence sheet and said “he’ll no”, somethings wrong here

  13. this video was absolutely fantastic and you basically said everything that i was thinking because i’m applying to colleges soon and this whole scandal makes me so angry because my parents had to fight and work for the chance to go to college and then fight for the chance to work in the us as first gen immigrants so this calling white privilege out makes me so happy.

  14. Many would say that being an immigrant can be a journey of self discovery where you can see how much would you endure until you adapt to this new version of yourself or be defined by the stereotypes and definitions of others. To see our first chapter on this topic, go to this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m3PRZnXtlqA

  15. Its not "the generic white privileged people" to blame for this shit.

    You're parroting the exact propoganda espoused by these same criminals.
    THEY are to blame.
    THEY are the racists, the sexists, the predators, the filthy rich.

    Gay Male fashion designers have been raping younger teenaged boys and telking women to starve themselves to death FOR DECADES.

    Not some old craggly faced white Christian grandpa in the south.

  16. When are people going to figure out that Hollywood is filled to the brim with Far leftist, Communist families
    Who tell you to hate your own Grandparents, hate your country, hate everyone but THEM

    The lying scheming uniparty of the elite who just pander to people, and behind the scenes are absolutely terrible people responsible for a massive portion of the problems and dysfunction and economic disparity our Country is facing by outsourcing our entire economy to Communist slave plantations in China (their allies)

    Why do people believe ANY OF THEM??!

  17. What sickens me the most is as you said, all the "celebrities" and youtubers supporting her in the comments. Some of them I even follow and am considering unfollowing because that disgusts me.

  18. I'm sure you've heard this by now, but she restricted her comments to her mutuals… So the only people who could comment under that picture are her friends basically… But even so, I'm a little shocked at how many of these influencers and celebrities commented support for her behaviour. Like how TF didn't they realize that people were gonna be scrutinizing Olivia Jade and that photo and how bad it would look for them to support it?! They should've just stayed out of it or texted her in private bc now they've lost so much respect from their viewers, seriously…

  19. Thanks for calling it out. It’s disgusting. I will say it’s not a color it’s the money. My sons are white and had good grades and it’s a struggle to get anywhere. I think Will smith kids are about the same from what I’ve seen . It’s about being rich and spoiled.

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