Ring of Red: Avalanche Reviews

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I have always loved the #JRPG and specifically the Japanese strategy rpg. As a teen I came across Konami’s #RingofRed in a blockbuster, and it was love at first sight. Let’s jump into a mech and experience some alternate history awesomeness!

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  1. Damn, man. I remember playing this game as a kid. I actually recently moved into a new apartment. When I had just moved in a couple weeks ago, my internet hadn’t been set up yet, so I decided to bust out my old PS2 slim and play this game again and DAMN did it feel good.

  2. I've heard that this game has problematic localization. It was supposed to be fixed alongside other problems (long battles) in Director's Cut of the game which was never published.

  3. Konami was on fire in 2001! Shadow of Memories/Destiny, Zone of the Enders 1, Ring of Red, MGS 2, Silent Hill 2, ISS 2, Pro Evo. Soccer. And today…

  4. I just got this game because of this video. I am a huge Front Mission fan (and mecha fan) and I cannot believe I have never heard of it before, completely flew under my radar

  5. Dude, dude…Ring of red?!? You’re hitting my heartstrings. I loved this game when it first came out. This, front mission 3 and Parasite Eve are some of my most favorite games of all time. They sure don’t make em like they used to huh? Love the video, keep up the great works of nostalgia.

  6. that's not strategy, that's barely scraping even tactics.

    i don't see there aviation and artillery. not speaking of economy and long term decisions of succession

    basic party turn based 80s rpg duels

  7. RoR Is an amazing game! It was even listed as one of the top PS2 games nobody ever hear of by PlayStation Magazine. I would absolutely LOVE to see a sequel! That alone would be enough to get me to buy a console. You hear me Konami?

  8. Also, after watching your newer videos, I'm starting to miss your old rock intro with the little game montage alongside the 'trashed classics' intro.

    Animation upgrade is good as always but the old guitar theme always gets me hyped for your videos and gives it that 'Jared Avalanche' feel to it.

    Nothing against your newer intros and you have every right to do what you want, but it just feels like it's missing that hook that i loved in your older videos.

    Anyways, just some feedback on your production values but regardless, keep up the good work! Always happy to support on Patreon and looking forward to seeing what videos come next!

  9. thanks for covering this! My all time favorite ps2 game. Still replay it regularly. Tinkering w/squad loadouts never gets old.

  10. First off, cool new intro!

    I bought this game on your recommendation and I was quite pleased. I love my strategy RPG’s and all the weird, janky, bullshit you get with previous generation one-off JRPG’s.

    Thanks for the original video, you’re a gem, kid.

  11. I was wondering why I neve heard of this PSOne game, looked great, then I realized it's a PS2 game, that explains it.

  12. Wait this video wasn't about the Xbox 360 Red Ring of Death? Never even heard of this game before, you're always opening my eyes to quality games I missed growing up. Thanks man!

  13. I've loved this game since I was in middle school 10 years ago (as shown by my username being weizegger). Your trashed classic video on this games atually how I stumbled upon this channel a few months ago and it was easy to ride the resident evil hype train alongside your retrospectives.

  14. I've never heard of this. It looks incredible! I bought a copy just now based on this review alone. I love this kind of shit! Thanks for sharing.

  15. Alright finally watched it. Was the burn the Fire emblem thing? Cause meh only plebs think that the rock paper scissors triangle is important in the game. Really doesn't affect much outside of flying units getting pwned by archers. And its Tactical RPG not SRPG dammit! That being said I will definitively be picking this up. It looks like a 3d Front misson and Im not a mech fan, but theres enough here to pique my interest.

  16. I've always known that game existed, but never knew much about it (information was always pretty sparse) but yeah, this is definitely gonna find a spot I my PS2 Collection.
    Also, this used to be on the PS3 Store, but it seems to have been removed

  17. Duuuuuuuuuuuuuuude. I was just thinking of this game a few weeks back and looking for the soundtrack because it is just a good as the game is. This game not only should get a anime adaptation… it must be remade for modern times. Serious whom ever has the rights too this is sitting a under-rated gold mine.

    And as I said in your previous review. John, Ayane and Ryoko= The Trio
    Ryoko is your up close and personal AFW
    Ayana is your med too long engagement AFW
    John is the sniper of the group.

    Properly give them troops too for support you have 3 kickass ways too end engagements quickly.

  18. Man, I remember buying this game after watching your first ring of red review. My backlog is swamped but it is on there.

    Btw, you ever play any of the older Front Mission games? I know you get a lot of requests but that would be a great game for you to review if you liked this one.

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