Scandal of Paul Hollywood's Gagging Order – Summer must Sign NDA

Ebird Online Documentary Series –
Season 1- Episode 1
Review, Reaction & Analysis
We look at the Mis-use of NDA’s (Non Disclosure Agreements) by the Rich and Famous and ask is it fair?. These have been used by Celebrity’s such as R Kelly, Harvey Weinstein and Phillip Green as a gagging order to ensure the legally enforced silence of others. . Here we look at Paul Hollywood and his girlfriend Summer Monteys-Fullam. Ebird Online Analyses the reasons for using this legal contract, and discusses whether use should be limited.


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  1. Hey
    Have you guys heard that Paul is making summer sell her horse – this could get very interesting, I hope she does a tell all now
    Paul you are an absolute nob!

  2. For balance. Women who have allegedly used NDA's.

    Taylor Swift

    Miley Cyrus

    Jennifer Lopez

    Britney Spears

    Mariah Carey
    Kim Kardashin (Blac Chyna)
    Beyonce (Tiffiny Haddish)

    It's not the exclusivity of men or sexually ambiguous ones! They can genuinely just be used to protect someone profile from damage! When you go to work most companies now have a no social media policy! A sort of NDA light for the work place! As far as I understand NDA's also do not stop you from going to the police incase of any wrong doings!

  3. What happens if you sign this but later on discuss the relationship? It's surely just a piece of paper? Can you be imprisoned for talking about your partner?

  4. The fact he asked Summer to sign it for me proves he didn’t plan on staying with her either , you are right shutting her up before it happened !! Nasty shag around he is !!

  5. I love your serene voice Ebird and your assessments of different situations so anything you speak on I will listen too. You should consider starting a podcast.

  6. There's something about these huge age gap relationships that I find so sinister, partly for being far more predominant with older men seeking young women than the reverse. Is it a play of power? The NDA situation with Hollywood indicates this surely. So hoping that NDAs will be banned from personal/relationship use.

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