31 bình luận về “Scandal! S17 Ep 3428 – 8/11/2019”

  1. what kind of a mother makes her son believe that he has killed sm1 while in actual fact she is the perpetrator. Boniswa is so ruthless and selfish

  2. Phindile is nosy, she needs to fix things with Javas. Leave other peoples business. Romeo & Grace, great relationship. I am ok that Boniswa had some side action. Loyiso messed it up by catching feelings. Boniswa should be less controlling of the situation she will end up pushing Chumani away…
    Sad tho she is letting him think he killed Loyiso just to protect herself…

  3. When did Romeo go from being so messed up to being so absolutely fucking adorable? That’s smile, the soft skin, his tone and the way he loves his baby momma leave much to be admired 😍😍😍

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