Scandals That Will Sadly Plague Top Chef Forever

Bravo’s Top Chef has been on the air for 16 seasons, and over the years it’s definitely seen its fair share of drama. From reported wage theft to alleged assault, here’s what scandals have the network saying, Please pack your knives, and go.

Marcel Vigneron first appeared on Top Chef season 2. And though it was clear from the beginning that he was wildly talented, he’s been called the quote, “most-popular but least-liked contestant,” per the Las Vegas Sun.

But things got out of hand one night when Vigneron and fellow chef’testants Ilan, Cliff, and Elia were left alone in their house on the final night of filming, with just a handheld camera to record footage.

Everyone’s story differs, but what the camera showed was Cliff pinning Marcel to the ground in an attempt to forcibly shave Vigneron’s head, while the others watched. Cliff put Vigneron in a full nelson, at which point Vigneron was able to get away.

Judge Tom Colicchio was so enraged by the incident that he wanted to have all four of the participants in Marcel’s assault to be sent home, which would have made Vigneron the winner by default.

Instead, producers intervened, and only Cliff was sent home the next day.

Watch the video to find out about more scandals that will sadly plague Top Chef forever!

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Marcel Vigneron is assaulted on the show | 0:15
Mike Isabella is accused of harassment | 1:18
John Besh is edited out | 2:22
Graham Elliot is sued for withholding tips | 3:28
Alex Reznik steals a dish | 4:13
Paul Qui is arrested | 5:10
Top Chef asks Texas to pony up | 6:10
Top Chef Canada’s horse meat incident | 7:23
Boston teamsters target Padma Lakshmi | 8:30
Tom Colicchio is sued for wage theft | 9:43
McInnis and Booth scam their own joint | 10:52
Replacing the original host | 12:04


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  3. No mention of Padma Laxmi sleeping around and her pregnancy scandal? Seriously? That should've been the biggest scandal of the show.

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