Switch Lite Joy-Cons Already Breaking – Inside Gaming Roundup

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[Digital Trends] Nintendo is already working on new Switch Lite model amid Joy-Con drift concerns tinyurl.com/y5ars5wq
[Youtube, Spawn Wave] I Took Apart The Nintendo Switch Lite…Here’s What’s Insidetinyurl.com/y57qoqtg
[Youtube, Alexis Javier] Nintendo switch lite drifting analog sticks already tinyurl.com/y4ncvs6t
[VG 247] The class-action lawsuit against Switch Joy-Con drift is open to Switch Lite owners now too tinyurl.com/y4zy6c4o
[Gizmodo] A Story About Two Tiny, Fuzzy Photos of a ‘PlayStation 5 Prototype’ [Updated]tinyurl.com/yy8jjb38
[Kotaku] EA Website Leaks Personal Details Of FIFA Playerstinyurl.com/yyr3sdsy
[Twitter] @GeorgeHughes tinyurl.com/y37kqoxl
[ABC] Untitled Goose Game Melbourne-based creators stunned after topping Nintendo charts tinyurl.com/yyetm5n7
[Twitter] @cabel tinyurl.com/y2ng8l2t
[Twitter] @cabel tinyurl.com/y22y3eqp
[The Guardian] Revealed: global video games giants avoiding millions in UK tax tinyurl.com/y3u75jzj

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  1. Idk why people just didn’t get a regular Switch. Having it strictly handheld defeats the purpose of the console being called a “Switch” and literally makes it an Oversized 2DS

  2. You said it right there: DON'T be an early adopter. Give shit time to show its flaws before dry humping the company fingering you with flawed tech.

  3. Consoles and their controllers these days are such dainty little things. Drop it once and the thing is completely destroyed. I dropped my N64 once and it left a crater in the floor and sent bits and pieces of floor tile flying everywhere.

  4. I know Nintendo would lose money from this. But all they need to add is a deadzone setting in the options and fix that.

  5. Lmao anyone who trusted Nintendo with this is an idiot… if you already know about the joy cons, why the hell would you buy one with cons built in

  6. On the tax relief exploitation, I'm not excusing the big publishers for abusing the system, but I'd place the blame on the lawmakers first. It should be taken as granted at this point that any global corporation has no more impulse control or human compassion than a shark. If you put a shark and a baby seal in a tank together, fail to put an effective barrier between the two, and the water soon turns red, who is really responsible here? These larger publishers are morally bankrupt, ravenous animals; expect them to exploit any possible loophole they can when you make your policies. Further, I have a hard time believing that back door in the tax relief policy was left unlocked totally on accident.

  7. my cons have been drifting after about 2 years (i bought on launch) and recently after a big break from my console ive noticed that its getting better. but day 1 drifting? boi thats bad

  8. This format of videos is so much better. It's covers more news, it's technically shorter, it's more focused and still has the humor. I subscribed to The Known and to be honest that was much better than watching a 15 minutes long video about a single topic filled with over the top jokes and heavily edit just to past the 10 minute mark to trick Youtube algorithm.

  9. I'm with Brian on the camera and streaming. Also it also running so it going to have less power or storage space for something most people wont use

  10. Can I just sign up for videogame round up. I like a bunch of videogames news. And not one 15 mins story that feels dragged out

  11. Thats right, fuck the camera and the kids who think their going to be ninja. Your not good and not entertaining so play the fking game!!!! Lol. When the one guy said he was ok with the kinect the other guy look as if he was about to kick his ass off camera 🤣🤣

  12. I don’t have this issue and I take good care of it. I think the reason why you mf’s having this issue is because you playing it too much letting all yo sweat inside the system.

  13. Could you guys possibly mention Dark and Light in a future video? The devs are currently working on a code rewrite and an update on the frost dragon and a rework of the spell towers in order to push toward full release.. it's a smaller community now, but a passionate one who loves the game. Would just be amazing to get some media attention.. thanks <3

  14. Sometime in 2021 Inside gaming will have a video titled "PS5's camera is always on and selling your videos to ad companies"

  15. That is not a real PS five! stop sharing it as a real product is a mock up for a dev kit that image is late and not real and you still don’t know what it looks like!

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