1. They should change Rafa's serve, it's awful! However, I hope their is going to be a Wimbledon Edition with Novak Djokovic in it

  2. I see you had 7 unforced errors to AI's 9..I played today against raonic in career on Pro, he had 40 and I 0 haha Ai is making a bit too much errors, I rarely hit the ball out , but otherwise AI play better then before.

  3. Last days i played this game but then i turn on the ps3 and play TS4 (i didnt do that for one month) and it was brilliant…the top spin 4 has the perfect speed of game sound, animations, all…
    This game needs at least one year of development to be a good game.
    The animations, specially the backhand is horrible…and the players dont run very much…
    The sound…OMG the sound…its crap…you have to do it all again or at least copy the exact sound of top spin or AO tennis to that game…
    If one day the developers make a TWT2 i think it will be better..

  4. That you think brother fixed the game a bit but I feel that something is missing to feel the same thing we feel when we play the top spin 4 points too long they come to all the balls in top spin there are long points but there are also fast examples volley … what do you think?

  5. When I want to download Rafael Nadal it says i can't because i haven't purchased the game but have it since January, what can i do?

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