1. What do they really mean when they say they will do anything for fame and fortune hmm? They are victims of their own stupidity if only thats true! Coz they know exactly who they will sleep with to get it where they need to be.

    Oh plz, People arent that dumb!

  2. No better cover than pretend to be what you aren't. Hollywood supports these people with the media. They don't say anything because they are buddies and profit from it. They are connected to the clintons and the clinton foundation and epstein. Pay attention

  3. Democrats and their lame stream media do everything dirty and corrupt and they accuse others of doing same things to divert the attention so dirty DemonRats can hide their own crimes

  4. Well, well well..Jeff Zucker, was head of NBC when Farrow says the story was killed . No wonder he fits in so well with the lot at CNN.

  5. The only reason that Weinstein was taken down was as part of a plot to take Donald Trump down. The left never has a problem sacrificing a bunch of their own to achieve their goals.

  6. Looked to research the vile behaviour in Hollywood as I studied Social Sciences.
    Their disgusting filth goes back to the beginning of movies…
    It's a cess pool of corruption and perversion..
    I dare not mentioned stars who got corrupted ,but most of the stars from the 1920,s onwards…
    Casting couch culture was obligatory .. Sickening …

  7. This is a great example on how stupid people are 🙂 You people are the ones that respect these kind of men in the first place. There's no reason to do that.. Just look at his ugly fucking face it's all there.. Shame on the pathetic people in Hollywood and those who watch that crap, this is on you.. You let these men in to power in the first place. Because you're such disgusting and pathetic people that can't even understand the simplest of things. I hope they execute these perverts and I wouldn't mind letting the people that respects these kinds of men to follow their destiny as well..

  8. She's spicy bit – that Abo lady of class – she's wonderful. She's going to fight. Our boys will do it for her. She's a bit of good.

  9. When Trump wins in 2020,
    Pizzagate, Adrenochrome, Hollywood paedophilia will all come to the publics attention in a major way. The fake news media won’t be able to stop the truth anymore. The Left aren’t targeting Trump because of his alleged ‘crimes’.. Trumps is going to expose the disgusting degenerate swamp., and the leftist elites are terrified.
    Please SKY.. Start posting on BitChute.

  10. Nothing will happen as it never does. They just rub it in our faces because in their eyes we are not chosen by God to rule, mutilate and tell massive lies.There are many good people with good intentions but now the great saviour Trump has had almost a full term and life for most has become more frustrating. We are slaves!

  11. For all their faults, if you ever live amongst Abos, they are a funny bunch. I prefer Aust Abo Blacks to the American Blacks. American Blacks are nasty.

  12. Weinstein…Epstein… what do they have in common? Who controls all the media outlets and major Hollywood movie studios?? This investigation will go nowhere… Ghislane Maxwell hasnt even been asked to provide a statement from US, British or Australian police… yet she was an active participant in the whole child sex ring. She is being protected and everybody knows it. Soon the story will be forgotten… ditto Weinstein… he will be back in business in 5 years.

  13. Harvey would have put one in your bum when you were twenty years younger…. maybe. not so much with that screeching thing (who i like) the newsreader. he'd pump a slug up that guy with glasses more than that half Abo woman. She's great.

  14. Isn't it Funny that Hollywood is Mostly Liberal Democrats, the ones trying to destroy the World… They wear Pussy Hats, but have a Break Down ower President talking about one… 😵

  15. These child rapists are all over the world. We all have to stand up and protect our children. No matter who that person is or what job they hold, or how much money they have.

  16. Harvey Weinstein: You are a filthy, perverted, degenerate, gutter-snipe, scumbag, puddle of bio-Hazard waste. Harvey Weinstein, you are lower than bin juice. Harvey Weinstein, I value the bin juice an Ibis drinks out of a Darling Harbour dumpster more than I value you. Harvey Weinstein is an OXYGEN THIEF who hides behind that "6-pointer star" whenever somebody calls him out.

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