1. Love the all the Edelgard builds…I went with galeforce immediately. i'm considering Atk/Res solo, but DC does seem pretty nice.

  2. The way Creator Sword and Noble Lance interact with Sweep skills reminds me a lot of how Firesweep weapons interact with Null C-Disrupt, basically nullifying anything and everything that messes with your own follow-ups/counters, which is why I doubt they'd ever fix this.

  3. Edelgard is much better than I initially thought, very decent character, almost op lol
    As for the others, Dimitri and Claude look worse every time I consider their options etc
    And Byleth is alright, but MByleth has a better spread like ya say 🙂

  4. Well, I got Karla from the banner with my first circle. Now I can give Male Byleth Wrath when I get him tommorow with Three Houses. Exciting stuff. Also, really looking forward to the GHB on August 3rd. Kronya looks to have a lot of potential.

  5. I think Dimitri's weapon should've had another effect on top of the follow-up if the condition was met. Negating foe's follow-up attacks like Hríd or at least a small stat boost like Yune.

  6. Poor byleth your sword can stop all type of things but can't stop brave lance effie lol or firesweep weapons.
    ME:(Evil laughter)

  7. Honestly not a bad banner really, Dimitri being the only "awful" unit, it actually got me to pull and somehow my luck was good for a change as I got Edelgard right after being able to fix my F Kana's IV's.

    Man why is my house the worst? My god do I wish Dimitri was Infantry, at the very least I hope his time-skip version will be, as he stands he's just Brave Ephraim with a harder to get to requirement, other than a Sweep build I'd just say Ephraim is better.

    I've been convinced that Claude is slightly better Brave Lyn stat and weapon wise but without Sacae's Blessing which I still find to be great. One thing is that Claude can more easily guarantee quads with the Brave Bow as well of course again Sacae's Blessing is really good with that. Really he's slightly better the problem is that everyone gets Lyn for free (well won't now because they're stopping the first CYL but she's always on banners anyway).

    I was also under the impression that the Creator Sword disabled Breath as well, does it? Byleth is a meta breaker really, she destroys units like BF Armors and Tibarn and really is just good utility to have even at +0. I'm happy I get a free M Byleth since I also think he's better and it means I don't have to go for F Byleth myself. I agree with the Ayra comparison though since Regnal Astra is just more consistent than Ruptured Sky and F Byleth is bordering on overkill Spd so I'll just stick with the Male version.

    Glad I got Edelgard then, she seems so flexible as well with what she can do thanks to her weapon effect, I'll hope to find a use for her but I'm not gonna waste any more orbs on her with Festival Micaiah so close.

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