Trump News Network: Impeachment Scandal

To combat the fake news media, Trump creates his very own news network to defend himself from a “very unfair” impeachment inquiry over the Ukraine-whistleblower scandal.

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Trump News Network: Impeachment Scandal



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47 bình luận về “Trump News Network: Impeachment Scandal”

  1. First time America gets a guy that gets shit done by doing what he needs to do to better our country gets mocked by all these comedians… #Donaldtrump

  2. Dumb and dumber puppet said heR boss was amused it sounded to me MORE LIKE he’s a mule he’s a mule exactly right MORE LIKE A JACK ASS

  3. You know Trump is doing a great job when every late night talk show or news outlet bashes him. Hollyweird doesn't like conservative views. I mean these people kill babies,but can't take a joke or have their gender mistaken.

  4. I voted for trump, but you did do a good job impersonating him 😂. However, at some point, can the dems just get over the fact that he won…three years ago. If he is so appalling, offer something besides government handouts, overbearing laws, higher taxes for those who work to pay for everyone else’s education etc. The dems running today make a progressive dem like Obama seem conservative. Most of them are more concerned with climate change than jobs, keeping taxes low and protecting the citizens. It’s a lost party at this point.

  5. This was funny when other night shows make fun of trump its not. They have hate. Jimmy does it in a funny way. So even if you are a Trump supporter you can enjoy that bit too.

    Nice work man!

  6. Andrew Yang is the Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren of the 21st century. Bernie and Warre are trying to use 19th century ideas to solve 21st century problems. I was a Bernie supporter in 2016. Andrew Yand now my pick with his ideas that well help our 21st century problems.

    Andrew Yang 2020.

  7. The democratic party and their voters are proven scum idiots. It is a great thing that GOD is using President Trump to expose the real dark black character of the Democrats. Hey J.F. are you going to go out in the streets and stop traffic and punch and kick at people you think might of voted TO MAKE AMERICA GREAT! Jimmy your stuck on stupid like the biased dem reporters and the lying swamp of Democrats that for some reason are aloud to exist in American politics. The Democrats have not put forward anything, no plans to make America great, to put ppl to work, to create greater world trade deals to build up American infrastructure. The democratic party and those who support dems are stuck on STUPID HATE… it's all you guys do daily for last 3yrs… and the world leaders from their own countries are taking note of the kind of character the Democrats party are, your going through power, White House POWER with drawls like a crack heads or heroin addicts… you just want the POWER OF THE WHITE HOUSE only for the sake of having the power, you never talk about foreign relations, never talk work plans for the people, you never talk building up the infrastructure… YOU JUST CRY HATE TOWARDS THE PRESIDENT OF UNITED STATES DONALD J. TRUMP. You are crack heads heroin addicts wanting to squander all the billions of AMERICAN TAX DOLLARS (AGAIN, LIKE WITH THESE FAKE IMPEACHMENT CHARGES).
    Looky here, Jimmy having a snake hissy fit on his show and name calling… what a goof.
    The democratic party and their supporters are burning in hellfire jealousy and suffering power abuse crack head with drawls.

  8. I am an Army Veteran and is suppose to support the Presidency. I have no respect for a draft dodger who disrespected someone who joined the military during Vietnam, stayed a prisoner of war so others could be freed. Chump makes me puke. And his face looks like the vomit after I scarfed down a large bag of Cheetos. I have terminal cancer and hope it takes me before the 2020 results.

  9. Wow…If this doesn't scream "I miss you SNL!!!" Then I dunno what else he has to do. Over the years, he's slowly morphed "The Tonight Show" into a combination of both shows.

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