Ukraine gas company at heart of US impeachment scandal

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With Democratic leaders of the House conducting an inquiry into President Trump with an eye on possible impeachment, France 24’s Gulliver Cragg takes a closer look at the Ukrainian gas company at the centre of the scandal involving Joe Biden’s son, Hunter.

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  1. I agree with trump. This is neo liberals in action. Protecting their own. I hate republicans but I hate neo liberals more. At least the republicans are honest abt screwing you over.

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  3. that makes no sense unless biden is a sociopath or psychopath. turning on his own son is worse then protecting him.

  4. The Democrats and their bought and paid for press are coming unglued because we know that the true scandal is how the corrupt politicians used Ukraine in 2016 to try and steal the election.

  5. Biden and his son take money from the Ukraine.

    Obama Administration use political power to stop investigation into the corruption surrounding that.

    Trump has a phone call with the Ukrainians

    Democrats think this is how they will finally bring down Drumpf!!!!!


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