‘VIP’ Emails Shine New Light On College Admissions Scandal | NBC Nightly News

A court filing reveals emails between University of Southern California officials that show them tracking applicants with labels like “VIP” and comments like “donor,” potential donor” and “Dad well known ortho surgeon.”
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‘VIP’ Emails Shine New Light On College Admissions Scandal | NBC Nightly News

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  1. Let's see how many black kids end up in the Scandal I guarantee you absolutely none. The good thing about being black is you have to really earn your accomplishments

  2. What these wealthy, privileged parents did was very wrong BUT what about the on going LEGACY admissions? If your wealthy family donates a library every family member gets in no questions asked. If your wealthy father went to Yale, Harvard, University of Pennsylvania etc. then so will you and even if you get gentleman Cs you will graduate. The game is rigged and always has been. Until the playing field is truly leveled the DOJ shouldn't put one person in jail.

  3. Dammit Aunt Becky! I cannot believe you went that low. Michelle, stephanie and DJ loved you so much, now they know you dirty

  4. Why are the parents the only ones being reported on & seen as the criminals? I think the schools admissions committees are most at fault for accepting bribes/donations to get their kids into the school in the first place. If they didn't accept bribe money, this wouldn't be an issue. The schools should be punished by firing all involved, & setting up a fund for underprivileged kids who do meet the academic requirements for admissions.

  5. Another "glazed" over story regarding the admissions scams. Seems like American's are forced to hear 10% of what really happens in their own COUNTRY. It's all about the bottom line: $$ money $$. Greed … and more … $$ money $$. Maybe Aunt Becky's designer husband Mossimo; can design her a fetching orange jumpsuit. The college admissions people; should also be headed off to serve jail time. Federal crimes; that innocent tax payers have to pay for. Life in America / Dateline 2019.

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