Whistleblower Alleges Trump Cover-Up of Ukraine Scandal: A Closer Look

Seth takes a closer look at the damning whistleblower complaint that sparked the impeachment inquiry over President Trump’s Ukraine scandal.
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Whistleblower Alleges Trump Cover-Up of Ukraine Scandal: A Closer Look- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers

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45 bình luận về “Whistleblower Alleges Trump Cover-Up of Ukraine Scandal: A Closer Look”

  1. I live in Toronto Canada, dealing with Doug Ford, and Trudeau, but this is a farce. Everything he says is nonsense. P.s. this post made more sense than all his tweets.

  2. Some of trump's associates were decent people at one time. He corrupts or destroys anyone close to him. This mess will end soon I hope. Many of trump's misdeeds may not come to light for decades –

  3. Are you lot serious??? Fact Biden freely admitted and even bragged to the media that he did exactly what Trump is accused of doing…he personally sort to with hold military aid if a prosecutor who was investigating corruption and his son was not fired. Trump asks a newly elected president to look into this obvious corruption that effects both countries. Do you want any chance of electing an individual which corruptly abused his position as VP to prevent an investigation into his son??? How does looking into obvious corruption interfere in an election? That is not meddling…that is exposing an opponents corruption. I am not particularly pro trump but the hypocrisy from some is glaring. Trumps conversation was unorthodox but not treason in anyway. Both are sides are exposed…there is nothing wrong with asking for obvious, admitted corruption to be investigated by another nation…Ukraine have every reason to investigate this corruption by the former government and Trump has every reason to ask for the corruption of the former US VP to be investigated. Better you know now then find out later and he can do more corrupt sweetheart deals for his son.

  4. You people don't get it they ( trump republicans) think there Otter and Boone from animal house " democrats cant cheat in the election only we can cheat in the election" let this sink in accept it and know that only republicans can be crooked treasonous they do it for America! dammit we will feel better about the one sided rules!

  5. After the House Impeaches Trump and if the Senate refuses to follow thru and Trump wins again in 2020 (God forbid) can Trump be impeached for another crime?

  6. I would reallly love to see Kamala Harris as president, with Corey Booker vice president. He lurks in the background like Luther, the anger interpreter

  7. I just hope for an indictment. The impeachment is not enough. I hope the American public refuses to support him in the polls and he faces the law courts.

  8. Definately take pence down also, otherwise we flip out of the trump frying pan and into the pence fire. Not a step in a great direction.

  9. he is the one who should be taken care of the way they used too. Thank God I am not from US so I can say bad things about the president.

  10. Guiliani is the next up for prison me thinks, how many will trump take down on his way to the slammer himself, as trump himself would end his tweet…sad. Ole rudolfs nose is glowing red from the friction from shoving it up trumps ass 24/7.

  11. The only way Trump is playing 3D chess is if he planned all along to destroy the GOP with his disastrous presidency. Seriously, he perfectly cast himself as the dumb villain in his own movie, and we all know what the ending will be. I just wish movies these days were shorter and I wasn’t strapped to my chair in the theater for this one. My butt has fallen asleep and I have to pee.

  12. Unfortunately he may die from a stroke before he is punished. Please, oh please, oh please; take Pence out with this too. President Pence!?? We'll all be obligated to cut off dreadlocks and suck jeebus dick.

  13. We should remember what tRump said about what we should do with traitors, when he is tried as one. of course he will just call what he said, fake news.

  14. And yet, there are enough people who will go with this nonsense, and enough states that are essentially single party states, that all this may amount to nothing. That's why you have Republican representatives and senators shamelessly backing the president over something they would otherwise violently "throw him under the bus" for.

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