1. Cilntons and Trudeaus are just a nasty part of our history now.. hopefully put into the past where they belong… did you see my email.. I have some great orgonite for you.

  2. Thank you so much for your help protecting Canadians 🙏 I'm honored to be here. Man he's so greasy,yucky ! Is Sophie on the island in their new home they've probably been building it in the past years,with Canada's money. Prob a little community for his friends that's why the heli port at his door, the only way to get to the island. Seems to me and has for years. As soon as jihad begins they will all be gone to freedom,

  3. October 2019 is the end of his career when he gets his ass voted out .. his party will dump him too .. the women will lynch his ass is done frenz

  4. This is all to divide and distract :
    Remember : Christianity /Satanism are the same shell-game;
    y'all are doomed unless you revert to the old ways, beyond this man-made cultural trends…..
    of self emowerment.

  5. Hey Blue check out CHCH news… the young lad murdered at Winston Churchill hs in Hamilton yesterday had so much trouble with the bullies that the family had reported the now killers to the police before and it's why the cops KNEW who the suspects were!!! Wtf???

  6. The Glib and Stale was AWFULLY late with the Saturday delivery… they had to reprint the paper with the offending article removed or something… 🤣🤣🤣 The fact the de facto courts take orders from the de facto government while the media suppresses this truth only makes that worthless rag the Glibber and Staler… American Qs dont CARE, they're coming for all the traitors including media… 🍿

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